Raul Khajimba: I celebrate New Year's holidays with my family

21.12.2017 16:33
Raul Khajimba: I celebrate New Year's holidays with my family
The Head of State answered a wide range of issues related to political, economic and social situation in the country at the final press conference.

Sukhum. December 21. Apsnypress. President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba at a press conference spoke about the problems of privatization of real estate: "There were already raised questions about return of objects that are not used in any way. The Parliament is discussing a bill that will allow to solve these problems. We have a significant number of objects with gaping windows. Naturally, not all citizens can privatize them, but these are those who have such opportunities. And it's surprising when these opportunities go down for officials or for those who make the appropriate decision. Also, there are funds to privatize objects, giving appropriate bribes to certain persons. But if there is extra money, it is better to give them to this or that fund. Unfortunately, in most cases privatized objects do not work. We are trying to solve these problems, in particular, for the facilities in Gagra, Sukhum. Everything depends on control of authorities. It is necessary to adopt an appropriate law that will solve the problem of the return of such property. "

 Raul Khajimba reported on work in the field of compulsory medical insurance: "We do not have the opportunity to conduct high-technology operations, surveys. These opportunities are outside of our country. If we build everything right, then our people will receive decent medical care. More than 46.5 million rubles were spent not only on treatment, but also on road, necessary conditions for treating a patient abroad. I hope that the topic of MI will remove many questions. We need to create conditions that will allow us to continue the work on prophylactic medical examination of population. This is not for proformas, but to understand how illnesses flow, what are the most characteristic problems. Not all the population correctly approaches this question, but I hope that most citizens will undergo medical examination. "

 Raul Khajimba noted: "I was often called a person who can give this or that information in a harsh and unrestrained manner, even with respect to opponents. Perhaps I looked like that. But I learned to be restrained. We need to be able to hear and understand each other. I hope that everything achieved in recent times is the result not only of my activity, but also the readiness of the opposition to hear, argue, and debate within the framework of civilized relations. "

 Summing up the press conference, President congratulated people of Abkhazia on the New Year. "Through my entire life, I had to celebrate New Year outside of Abkhazia a couple of times: when I was in the army and when I was in a special school. The rest of the years I celebrate New Year's holidays at home, with my family. This is one of the warmest holidays when you want to be with your loved ones," - Raul Khajimba said.

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