Raul Khajimba: I support a life sentence for the organizers of drug trafficking

21.12.2017 15:42
Raul Khajimba: I support a life sentence for the organizers of drug trafficking
The Head of State answered a wide range of issues related to political, economic and social situation in the country at the final press conference.

Sukhum. 21 December. Apsnypress. At the final press conference, President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba explained the situation regarding the accrual of Abkhazian pensions to people who do not fall under the category of recipients of USSR pensions: "We discussed this topic. The Russian side is ready to talk with us. Nevertheless, we must hope not only for the Russian side, but also to resolve the issues in our country. It is necessary to start accounting and personification, to understand who should pay and how payments will be made. I think that the bills being prepared today, taking into account the assistance that will be provided by the Russian side, will solve these problems. We need to pay a person a real pension which is worthy of his labor. "

 In addition, President expressed his position on the issue of combating drug addiction: "Those who literally yesterday said that it is needed to fight drug addiction are now ready to stand at the threshold of the Ministry of Interior with slogans as soon as their loved one are detained. What decree forbids it ? Often we say that we need to strengthen the measures of responsibility. But a significant number of people entering the cells are drug distributors. Mostly they are drug addicts. At the same time, almost no organizer was detained. The organizer is a person who profits from the problem of people. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been tasked to identify them and suppress the import of drugs. Also, it is necessary to create conditions for working with drug users. There should be appropriate preventive measures, medical treatment. I support a life sentence for the organizers of drug trafficking."

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