Raul Khajimba: there are expected more tourists this year

27.04.2017 16:16
Raul Khajimba: there are expected more tourists this year
The outgoing meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers discussed the Plan of measures for the preparation of summer resort seasons 2016-2020.

Sukhum. April 27. Apsnypress. Madina Chagava / Lana Tsvizhba. The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers chaired by the President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba, discussed the Plan of measures for the preparation of summer resort seasons 2016-2020

 Minister of Taxes and Duties Daur Kurmaziya informed that the amount of direct tax revenue in the resort area for 2016 amounted to more than 400 million rubles. "290 million of these came from legal entities working in the field of sanatorium and resort services. More than 66 million rubles - from objects of mass excursion visit, 35 million rubles - from small accommodation and housing facilities, more than 12 million rubles came from travel agencies, "he said.

 Daur Kurmaziya reported on the trends of the current year: "For the first quarter of 2017 there was a decrease in indicators at objects of mass excursion visit compared to the level of the previous year. On two sites - Novyafonskaya cave and Ritsinsky relic national park - decrease in the number of served tourists - more than 3000 people. It is necessary to carry out work to identify all the reserves. Especially in small accommodation facilities, in the field of excursion services, catering, " Kurmazia said.

 For his part, the head of Gagra District Administration Zaur Bganba informed the readiness for the holiday season: "The main flow of tourists comes to the Gagra district. In the past year, cash receipts in this sphere were 12.5% ​​more than in the previous year. The construction of mini-hotels continues at a high pace. During the reporting year, 24 new facilities were put into operation. We obliged the department of architecture to provide a complete list of objects and the number of places in them".

 Summing up the meeting, RA President Raul Khajimba noted: "The speeches that I heard today testify that there is optimism. There are expected more tourists this year. The figures obtained at the end of the year indicate a certain work done. But it could be better! Not all problems are taken into account, starting with the situation on the border and the border areas ... Vehicles servicing tourists, the culture of behavior of drivers leave much to be desired. If the service of tourists remains at the same level, then we will not be able to compete. Favorable conditions are created for tourists to rest on the territory of the Russian Federation, in particular, in the Krasnodar Territory as well as in the Crimea. In the end, our revenues will fall. The tourists whom we want to serve, will be less and there will be one-day tourists visiting unique natural objects".

 Raul Khadzhimba stressed the need to restore order in the field of accounting and taxation: "We assume obligations at the beginning of the year, but at the end of the year the figures are 2-3 times larger. We deceive ourselves! Let's really show what we can do. Carry out a comprehensive check, and there will be a result. As for taxes, there are reserves and they are serious. We need to create an appropriate regulatory framework. "

 The president drew attention to the expansion of illegal construction: "Gagra turns into a stone bag! Who allowed to violate the architectural style which has been developing in this town for years? The houses were surrounded on all sides by buildings. Such a mass of buildings does not provide any benefits, the state does not have anything, in fact, nothing. Attitude to this kind of building will be tough! I instructed the Prime Minister to resolve the issue on all illegal buildings within 10 days, as well as the issue of bringing to justice those who issued permits for such construction".

 Separately, the head of state instructed to address the problem of solid domestic waste management: "We need to put a specific amount in the budget next year to create a landfill. Today, garbage from Gudauta is transported to Sukhum. The height of garbage dump is about 7-9 meters in Primorskoe village".

Raul Khadzhimba stressed the need to strengthen the interaction between towns and villages: "We create agricultural enterprises from year to year, we solve the problems of improving the living standards of our villagers. But their products do not reach the table of tourists. It is necessary to conclude appropriate cooperation agreements, then the situation will be improved".

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