Shamil Adzynba about the problems of preservation of boxwood and pest control

25.06.2015 19:16
Shamil Adzynba about the problems of preservation of boxwood and pest control
Problems of preservation of boxwood and pest control - boxwood moth, were discussed at the workshop with First Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Adzynba and ministers, representatives of concerned agencies and academic figures.

Sukhum. June 25. Apsnypress. According to the director of the Institute of Ecology ANA Roman Dbar, boxwood moth spread in the country, starting from  2013. Since then, it has hit the boxwood bushes in places where there are no natural enemies, in parks, the coastal strip and the "picnic areas." This butterfly flies over long distances, eating leaves and even bark of boxwood. As a result, 80% of Pitsunda-Myussera Reserve has struck this pest. 

Director of the Institute proposed several lines of boxwood moth suppression strategy. Firstly, he said, it is necessary to eliminate pockets of spread of the pest. Secondly, it is recommended to do pruning to maintain strong vegetative buds. And thirdly, to carry out chemical treatment of green areas. "During this time, the system has already formed a natural protection from butterflies, - said Roman Dbar - predators and parasites that feed these insects". But, as the director of the institute, chemicals not only kill the moth, but also tend to accumulate in plants. Therefore, they can not be used in public places. 

In addition, it was noted that there are other threats to green areas in the country. In particular, it extends the pest, devouring the leaves of hazelnut. In the lower zone of Gali district pest has already hit 80% of nut plantations. 

Following the meeting it was decided to form a working group - the headquarters of pest control, to recruit States forestry, as well as labor and equipment in the field to create a bank of the necessary pesticides, green areas to explore and create a map of the centers spread moth. 

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