Sukhum celebrated Constitution Day of the Republic of Abkhazia

26.11.2015 19:44
Sukhum celebrated Constitution Day of the Republic of Abkhazia
Festive event dedicated to the 21st anniversary of the adoption of the basic law of our country was held on Freedom Square.

Sukhum. November 26. Apsnypress. Irena Dzhopua. The festive event opened with anthem of Abkhazia performed by State Choir.

President of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba congratulated the citizens of the country on the Constitution Day.

"For each State the adoption of the basic law is a fundamental restructuring of the political system, it is designed to give impetus to the development of government institutions and society as a whole. Of such importance was the new Constitution for Abkhazia. But we have to remember in which external and internal conditions was taken this fundamental document. The country was in ruins, there was the constant threat of renewed hostilities, Abkhazia was exerted by strong pressure to abandon its conquest. But our people who have passed through the crucible of war and won a historic victory was full of optimism and determination to defend their country and create a decent future. It served as the basis for the formation of the foundations of a new independent state", - said President. In his speech, Khadjimba said that over the years has repeatedly raised the question of the reform of our basic law. And the first important steps in this direction have already been made.

 "First of all, the reform of the judiciary, which resulted establishment of the Constitutional Court. It will be an important mechanism for the protection of public foundations and rights of our citizens. Work is underway to reform the electoral system and local government. But, in general, the constitutional design has demonstrated its capacity. One of the most important state and social task is to strengthen the sense of justice. Without this, whatever perfect constitution and law are, we can not build a state of law. This is an ongoing process that must be connected with authorities, political and social organizations, the media ", - said the President.

"Now the world is going through difficult times, it is covered by the financial crisis and conflicts. Our strategic ally - Russia is at the peak of the event, leading a hard struggle for their national interests in terms of sanctions and an unprecedented external pressure. The modern world dictates new challenges to which we must be prepared. That is why we signed the Treaty of alliance and strategic partnership, which lays down the long-term security guarantees for Abkhazia.

 However, the fate of our country first of all, is our responsibility. No one will be able to solve the socio-economic and political issues for us. I think it is wrong to create irreconcilable political camps. With all our differences we have much more that unites us. So I want to once again call on all political forces of Abkhazia to fully realize the futility and destructiveness of political confrontation for the state, which is going through a very difficult period. The leadership of Abkhazia is ready for a constructive discussion of the problems, the development of joint solutions useful to society. We need mutual trust and understanding.

Only together we can save our country and give it to the hands of the new generation ", - said Raul Khadjimba.

 Speaker of the Parliament of the first convocation Socrates Jinjolia also spoke. In his speech he talked about the difficult conditions in which he took the basic law of Abkhazia: "21 years ago was adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia, it was a difficult time, recently emerged from the war the country was in a grave condition. On the agenda were the urgent task of rebuilding the destroyed economy, establishment of life in general. The situation was aggravated by sanctions imposed against us. Contrary to logic, the people of Abkhazia has undergone punishment, victim of Georgian aggression. The objectives of this policy are clear - it was necessary to compel the rebellious Abkhazia to agree to return to Georgia. At the head of this movement were the United States, Britain, France, Germany, the United Nations Security Council, the circle of friends of Georgia. All this I remember to take you back to the tense atmosphere in which our Constitution was adopted. Vladislav Ardzinba, who led the constitutional commission, better than anyone else knew that to postpone further the adoption of the document which clearly defined the status of the republic, was impossible, and despite the external pressures exerted on him, he brought a draft constitution to parliament on November 26, 1994.

The Constitution was a message to all the world, it expressed the strong will of the people and its unwavering commitment to the protection of freedom and independence, won by a high price - thousands of lives. The Constitution was a program of building a democratic state".

Solemn ceremony ended with a concert featuring the stars of the Abkhaz and Russian pop music and fireworks.

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