Tamaz Tsakhnakiya: from May 15 to allow the work of catering, fitness centers and intercity traffic

13.05.2020 17:58
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia hosted a meeting of the Coordination Staff for Protection of Population from Coronavirus Infection.

Sukhum. May 13. Apsnypress. The Cabinet of Ministers discussed the epidemiological situation in the country at a meeting of Coordination Headquarters for Protection of Population from Coronavirus Infection and made decisions on easing a number of quarantine measures.
 Following the meeting, Minister of Health Tamaz Tsakhnakiya said: “Decisions have been made to minimize the economic consequences for the Republic of Abkhazia in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. From May 15 - to allow the work of public catering with certain sanitary and epidemiological conditions, including with observance of the social distance within the facility. In addition, intercity transport and fitness centers will be allowed. As for all other events, within the framework of the previous Executive Order, including the work of school, preschool and higher educational institutions, they remain in the same ban regime. All prohibitive measures will be implemented until June 1 of this year. In the future, appropriate decisions will be made depending on the development of the epidemiological situation in the republic. ”

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