Tamaz Tsakhnakiya: we can not guarantee that the number of infected people will not increase

09.05.2020 16:27
Tamaz Tsakhnakiya: we can not guarantee that the number of infected people will not increase
There was held a briefing at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. May 9. Apsnypress. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia discussed the epidemiological situation in the country and, in particular, the condition of four patients with confirmed coronavirus infection.  

 The briefing was opened by Minister of Health Tamaz Tsakhnakiya: “Yesterday, according to the research results, we revealed 4 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Our citizens who arrived from Moscow and were isolated in conditions of an observational institution are infected. All of them were placed in Gudauta Central District Hospital and undergo all the necessary treatment there. Their condition is assessed as satisfactory. "  
According to Tsakhnakiya, special attention should be paid to introduction of restrictive measures at the state border: “We emphasized that cases of coronavirus infection will be imported from other countries. Cases of the disease of patients who were previously hospitalized can also be attributed to imported ones. It may even be worthwhile to strengthen the strict regime at state borders. And thus, try to minimize the access of potentially infected people. We perfectly understand that it is impossible not to let our citizens into the territory of the republic. Here is the great responsibility of each of our citizens, coming from the territory where the epidemic is today, to certainly be on strict self-isolation and not endanger his loved ones. Control measures will also be tightened. The whole complex of restrictive measures, which were approved as part of the Order, are valid until May 15. The coordination headquarters at the next meeting will take further measures and decisions regarding the preservation or relaxation of measures. One thing is clear - the border remains open. ”  

  Once again, Minister of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia appealed to citizens of the country to be extremely careful, not to attend public events and stay at home: “It is imperative to wear masks and use antiseptics to treat your hands when going out to the city. We cannot guarantee that the number of infected people will not increase. Ahead is the autumn-winter period, when the number of patients with acute respiratory diseases is growing. Second, and maybe the third wave of coronavirus infection is predicted precisely in the autumn period, we must be prepared for this. "  

  Alla Belyaeva, chief sanitary doctor of Sukhum, also said that the situation in the republic was deteriorating: “All four of the sick are students from the same educational institution, after crossing the border, they did not contact anyone and were immediately put to isolation. However, they were in contact with each other, both in their educational institution and along the way, so they no longer remained in isolation, but in quarantine. As for the remaining students of military universities and higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they are placed separately from the cadets, are isolated and are healthy today. Those citizens who cross the border on their own, from March 31 to yesterday, are under control at the SES of the Administration of Sukhum. This is 336 people. Many of them have already completed their isolation, are healthy and can freely move around the country. The rest remain in control. ”  

  Alisa Matua, a member of the Operations Headquarters, spoke about the developed algorithm for the laboratory diagnostics of COVID-19: “This algorithm is based on the experience of other countries, where the sequence of actions for specific diagnostics is clearly stated. In accordance with this algorithm, biological material was collected yesterday and, based on PCR diagnostics, patients were diagnosed with COVID-19. We do not exclude that we can get more positive results. ”
 Alisa Matua explained: “As to why we got results so quickly yesterday ... The fact is that real-time PCR diagnostics are not so long. We get the result within 6-7 hours, depending on the number of patients. The more patients, the more time it takes to research. Yesterday we had 33 people in the production, so to get results in one day is more than realistic. "  

  At the same time, acting Deputy Minister of Health Alkhas Kondzhariya said that according to results of on-site inspection in Gudauta District Hospital and a meeting with the head doctor, it was determined that all the necessary medicines were in place, the infection block had been fully prepared. “In the near future we are expecting a CT apparatus, which is necessary for diagnosing and identifying precisely covoid patients,” he said.

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