Tamila Mertskhulava met with the delegation of the People’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic

02.10.2019 15:57
Tamila Mertskhulava met with the delegation of the People’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic
The delegation arrived in Abkhazia to celebrate Victory and Independence Day.

Sukhum. 2 October. Apsnypress. The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Abkhazia held a meeting between President of the CCI Tamila Mertskhulava and the delegation of the People’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic. Welcoming the guests, Tamila Mertskhulava emphasized the readiness of the CCI to facilitate the opening of the Representative Office of the Chamber and the Trading House of Abkhazia in Damascus and the Trading House of Syria in Abkhazia.
 “There is support for the leadership on this issue from the Head of State Raul Khadzhimba and the Government. Moreover, there is a desire and interest on the part of entrepreneurs, and I am sure that our peoples have everything ahead in terms of cooperation, ” - said Mertskhulava.
 In turn, deputy of the People’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic, head of the Committee of families who died in the war in Syria, Janset Kazanba, said that the Syrian delegation arrived to convey congratulations on Victory Day on behalf of the speaker of the People’s Council and the entire people of Syria. “We are proud that we have friends in Abkhazia and the fact that during the war in Syria, the people of Abkhazia provided us assistance,” - Janset Kazanba emphasized. She said that, despite the war, President Bashar Assad instructed the deputies of the People’s Council to work to expand the external ties of the state, which ultimately resulted in the recognition of Abkhazia by Syria.
 Janset Kazanba recalled that the participation and exposition of the CCI of Abkhazia at international exhibitions in Damascus has always been of great interest to the Syrian people.
 Jansset Kazanba reported that a delegation from Syria met with Syrian repatriates in Abkhazia.
 “Through our Committee on Economics and Industry, we intend, if necessary, to provide assistance to the CCI of Abkhazia in matters of cooperation at the level of the Syrian government. The peoples of Syria and Abkhazia are different, but we have the same goals, so we must support each other and stand side by side, ” - deputy emphasized.
 She invited President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber staff to visit Syria, while noting that the Syrian delegation feels at home in Abkhazia.
 For her part, Tamila Mertskhulava noted that the CCI is fruitfully negotiating and working closely with many Syrian organizations - with the Federation of Industrial Chambers, with the Union of Artisans, with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Damascus. This suggests that previously signed agreements are filled with practical content. “We are also waiting by the end of the year for colleagues from Syria to discuss with them the opening of the Syrian Trading House in Abkhazia,” - said Tamila Mertskhulava.
 She spoke about the repair work in the building where the Representative Office of the CCI and the Trade House of Abkhazia in Damascus will be opened: “We hope that the presentation of the Trade House will take place in the first quarter of 2020, and we will be glad to see you at this event,” said Mertskhulava. She emphasized that the main task of the CCI is to facilitate cooperation between entrepreneurs of Syria and Abkhazia. At the same time, the agreement on duty-free trade between the countries will contribute to the establishment of business relations.
 President of the CCI wished the Syrian people victory, peace and prosperity.
At the end of the meeting, the parties exchanged souvenirs.

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