The budget for 2016 has been adopted in the final reading

29.12.2015 12:34
The budget for 2016 has been adopted in the final reading
At the session of the National Assembly of the RA Parliament has been adopted a draft law of the Republic of Abkhazia "On the Republican Budget for 2016".

Sukhum. December 29. Apsnypress. Elena Poluyan. Introducing the document, the chairman of the Committee on Budget, credit institutions, Taxes and Finance George Agrba informed about the main figures of the budget. So, consolidated budget revenues should be more than 13 billion 484 million rubles. At the same time, the revenues of the Republican budget are planned in the amount of 11 billion 521 million rubles. Financial assistance of the Russian Federation - 3 billion 200 million rubles, and financial assistance of Russia to socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia is - 4 billion 667 million rubles.
 Budget adopted with an amendment introduced by deputies, which stipulates that, even in the case of non-fulfillment of the budget reduction can not be: salaries and allowances, purchase of medicines and medical devices, and other socially important positions.
As Finance Minister Amra Kvarandziya, inflation in 2016 may reach 15-16%.
 In discussion of the budget raised questions of the development of Eastern Abkhazia. Thus, according to the deputy Kvarchia Kan, in the investment plan should be reflected funding of specific projects such as the reconstruction of the Bedia Temple and Otap cave. The MP Ahra Bzhaniya said: "We need to invest to where can be given maximum return and it will help us to shape in the future our own budget". Among these projects, he called: road repair, reconstruction of sewerage and water supply infrastructure. "If there will not be a good road and a proper service in Otap cave and Bedia temple, no one can reach them", - he said. "The annual budget can not solve all the existing problems", - said Daur Arshba. Summing up the debate, Vice-Speaker of Parliament Emma Gamisonia stressed: "The deputies know better the places and what there needed to do. So, I think, we can return to the investment project and discuss separately later".
The budget was adopted in the second and final reading by 25 votes "for", 4 - "against" and one abstention.

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