The implementation of measures to protect the population from coronavirus infection was discussed at a meeting with Prime Minister

18.05.2020 19:31
The implementation of measures to protect the population from coronavirus infection was discussed at a meeting with Prime Minister
The Head of Government held a meeting with the Minister of Health and the Minister for Emergencies.

Sukhum. May 18. Apsnypress. Prime Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia, Alexander Ankvab, held a meeting with Minister of Health Tamaz Tsakhnakiнa and Minister for Emergencies Lev Kvitsiniya.
 They discussed implementation of measures to protect the population from coronavirus infection, on compliance with the points provided for by Presidential Decree of May 14, 2020, as well as the recommendations of Coordination and Operational Headquarters under the Ministry of Health of the Republic.
 Lev Kvitsiniнa said that the Ministry of Emergency Situations carries out tasks to protect state borders in conjunction with other relevant departments.
 “On May 14, EMERCOM employees resumed their service at the Psou checkpoint. Employees change the body temperature of citizens crossing the border, collect and process related information with its subsequent transmission through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia, ”said Kvitsiniya.
 According to him, from May 14 to 17, 453 people crossed the state border along the Psou River: 188 citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia (including cadets from Abkhazia studying in Russian universities; military personnel of the Russian Federation - 53 people; drivers of vehicles falling under category previously approved by the Government of the republic - 212 people.
 During the period from May 14 to May 18, the Ministry of Emergency Situations disinfected the territory adjacent to the Psou checkpoint (800 square meters). The disinfection was also carried out in the administrative buildings of the Gagra region.
 Prime Minister clarified data on the technical and resource capabilities of the Ministry of Emergencies in the implementation of measures to disinfect territories.
 At the same time, Alexander Ankvab ordered to carry out stage-by-stage disinfection of institutions in the districts of Abkhazia, depending on the requests of local authorities and in coordination with the district administrations.
 Minister of Health spoke about the dynamics of health indicators of people being treated for coronavirus infection, about the observance of quarantine by cadets who are in Aytar boarding house.
 Tsakhnakiya noted that, 112 cadets with a negative diagnosis will end quarantine in the coming days.
 Alexander Ankvab also inquired about information on the regime of medical institutions of the republic during the quarantine period and about the prospect of resuming the work of institutions for planned patients.
 Tamaz Tsakhnakiya reported that all health facilities are operating in an emergency mode of receiving citizens and providing appropriate assistance. Urgent abdominal surgery departments, cardiology and other emergency care departments did not stop admission to.
 According to Tsakhnakiya, outpatient reception of citizens takes place in the clinics of the republic.
 Following the meeting, Alexander Ankvab instructed the representatives of Coordination Headquarters to protect the population from the coronavirus to verify the implementation of measures to protect the population on the ground.

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