The People's Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia adopted a budget of the country

25.02.2015 19:01
At the last meeting before the spring break session of the National Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia was adopted the country's budget in the second and final reading. The meeting was chaired by Valeriy Bganba.

As the Finance Minister of RA Amra Kvarandziya noted, budget of 2015 directed on social issues, but scarce (the deficit is less than 10%). An expenditure includes funds for construction and repair of social, health, education, and higher wages and pensions are taken into account the changes made by the Cabinet of Ministers, the revised staffing and all departments. This budget defined administrators and distributors cost sources of funding. In addition, introduced a new budget classification required in the transition to the treasury system. For the first time on the bill "On the Republican Budget for 2015" gave its opinion RA Control Chamber.

As the chairman of the Budget Committee, credit institutions, Taxes and Finance Georgiy Agrba: "The bill was discussed for a long time. This issue was discussed in several meetings of the committee with an invitation of the heads of ministries and departments. And all this work as a result gave us today unanimously support of the budget. And from that day it will be possible to implement all the projects and activities that have been budgeted for". According to Georgiy Agrba, the budget was adopted with two amendments. Firstly, instead of the proposed wording that local budgets are cut subsidies if their incomes exceed the planned parameters in the new version, regardless of the execution of the revenue part of local budgets, grants will be saved. And secondly, in a separate article will be written that all payments of wages in view of its increasing have been paid since January 1, 2015.

In addition, MPs have imposed a moratorium on all costs associated with the implementation of the project on the inventory of the Republic, before the ad hoc working group will verify the previous results in this direction.

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