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The Russian side is ready to cooperate with Abkhazia in all directions

18.02.2016 20:46
The Russian side is ready to cooperate with Abkhazia in all directions
At the end of the working visit to the Russian Federation, Raul Khadjimba responded to journalists' questions.

Sukhum. 18th of Febuary. Apsnypress.

 Raul Dzhumkovich, what is the purpose of your visit to Moscow, and what specifically you discussed at the meeting with President of the Russian Federation?

The goal is to continue our dialogue on the implementation of the Agreement and large sectoral agreements. We discussed the issues related to our economic status, financing, credit railway, as well as issues related to improving the situation on the border, the possibility of opening the old bridge for pedestrians, energy issues and more.

You have mentioned the energy sphere. This topic is being discussed now in our country. Who will pay for the electricity supplied to Abkhazia? Rumor has it that Georgia will supposedly pay.

One should not rely on rumors. There is a willingness of the Russian and Abkhaz sides, as well as all those involved in this process, to solve this problem. The state of our energy demands quick solutions. Therefore, we need to think about the launch of new generators. Today, we talked about it, and I am sure that such an opportunity will be provided. We need to think about replacing the grids. And there is a willingness to help Abkhazia in this matter. For all other questions, I think that one should not rely on all sorts of rumors.

On what did Vladimir Vladimirovich focus himself? What he considers a priority in the relations between our countries?

Russian side is ready to cooperate with us in all areas, ranging from the issues of security to issues of economy and provision of financial support. Pensions are increasing, salaries of the certain categories of state employees will be increased. This question is at the stage of resolution.

A certain part of the citizens of Abkhazia has not Russian citizenship and deprived of the opportunity to travel outside the country and the Russian Federation. Have you discussed this issue today?

Yes, this issue have been discussed. Even given appropriate instructions. I hope that in the near future this problem will be solved.

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