The Statement by the Minister of Defence of RA Mirab Kishmariya

26.02.2015 13:45
The Press service of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia issued a statement by the Minister of Defence, General of the Army Mirab Kishmariya. Apsnypress publishes the full text of the statement.

The Ministry of Defense. Statement by the Minister of Defense, General of the Army Mirab Borisovich Kishmariya Recent rumors and remarks on social networks about my affiliation with one or another political party, led to a wave of tales about my actions or statements that prompted me to make a statement.

Mirab Kishmariya, as defense minister, does not interfere in the internal political processes in the country, especially in activities related to the sanatorium and resort facilities of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, which is the prerogative of the state. With full responsibility I declare that, respecting the choice and political will of everyone, I do not belong to any political party. I deeply respect the people who defended freedom and independence of the country, trying equally to maintain relations with all the veterans of the War of Abkhazia, veterans' organizations. It's no secret that I'm against disunity in society who contribute, as a rule, people for whom the personal well-being above all else. Rumors of my disagreement with the leadership of the country are groundless and have no basis. Everyone must take it for granted that people made their choice, the country has a president, the army - Commander and I, as the Minister of Defence, as an officer, have no right to discuss or condemn certain decisions of the Commander. The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia is the defense department and performs certain tasks to ensure the security of the country. How we fulfill them, can judge the President, the Government and the people of Abkhazia. I often say, and I will talk about this more, Russia is our strategic partner, the guarantor of our security. We must not forget that all the post-war years was peacekeeping force is a deterrent, which allowed us to build a state not under a hail of enemy bullets.

Over the years, the mission more than a hundred soldiers peacekeepers laid down their lives on this earth, fulfilling their tasks. It so happens that today the Russian defense ministry headed by a man, who knows Abkhazia firsthand, a person who is directly involved in the settlement of the armed conflict in North and South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Ingushetia. During the War of Abkhazia in 1992-1993 Sergey Shoigu headed the rescue and humanitarian operations in Abkhazia. That's one of the episodes of that time. In June 1993, during the humanitarian operation to deliver food and evacuate residents of the besieged by Georgian troops the town of Tkuarchal , the convoy of trucks with food had been fired in the area of Ochamchyra, Sergey Shoigu on the radio in the open air of the Russian troops approached and asked them to suppress the firing points of Georgians from the ground and air - as a result of shooting at the convoy was stopped. In August 1993, he headed the Russian part of the Joint Commission on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. People who themselves have never served in the military, did not fulfill their international duty, did not protect their country from the aggressor, hide and continue to hide their children from serving in the armed forces, are now trying to drive a wedge in our relationship with Russia. I can assure you that all their efforts are in vain. Our cooperation is based on trust, friendly relations, which serves as the foundation for duty to the country, a sense of responsibility for the execution of tasks.

I consider it necessary to explain that the inter-agency agreement between the defense ministries of Russia and Abkhazia are aimed at improving the defense of our country.

Before taking any decision, we carried out comprehensive work based on an assessment of the situation in the region and capabilities possessed by our army today, the resources that the state can made to increase the country's defense, was calibrated every decision, determine whether the adoption of a other provision of the Agreement. Part of this is what has allowed us to prepare military personnel on the basis of military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Abkhazia. Today, the interaction between the Ministries of Defence of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Abkhazia is entirely aimed at ensuring the security of our country. More than 35 years I have served to my country and will serve until there will be strength. We had to go through the ordeal, passing through hunger, cold, loss of loved ones, children, women and old people. We must do everything so that this will not happen again. I have repeatedly stated that, as defense minister, I will not allow myself any remarks against the Commander. I earnestly request to wake those who disseminate such information. We must work together to build a state, each power of your mind and opportunities. I used to tell people in the face of what I think about them, even though they like it or not. I am ready to answer for each expressed by me word or action, I do not need to bring someone an apology.

Reiterate that Mirab Kishmariya is a soldier of his homeland and will serve his country while heart is beating in his chest. We need to exclude personal ambition, all work together to find ways to overcome the existing problems. Together we build our future and the future of our country.

Minister of Defence,
General of the Army M. Kishmariya

February 26, 2015 Sukhum

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