Timur Bgeu needs our help!

03.02.2015 13:19
The story of a thirteen years old Timur Bgeu is known practically by every resident of Abkhazia. After all, the whole country helped him and collected the necessary amount for treatment. The boy has a number of serious diseases: epilepsy, cerebral palsy, developmental delay. We must collect 257, 512 rubles.

In 2012 and 2013 with your help was collected over 400 thousand rubles, which allowed Timur undergo multiple treatments at the Institute of Medical Technologies in Moscow. This yielded results, but with the growth of Timur it is becoming increasingly difficult to walk. If not to perform the surgery on his feet now, the boy in the future will not be able to move around. In Novosibirsk NIITO is willing to help him. Physicians can spend boy deformity correction stop, stabilize the knee and eliminate contractures of the lower extremities. After the surgery it becomes much easier to walk for Timur.

Cost of operation - 257, 512 rubles. The family is not able to pay. When Timur was 6 years old he lost his father, and his mother was left alone with two children. Timur has a little brother.

Dear compatriots! If you decided to help do not be confused by the amount of donations: any help would be accepted with gratitude.

The service "balance transfer" - "Charity": subscribers "A-mobile" and "Aquafon" can make a donation to the fund balance by dialing *147* # transfer amount call button. Transfer amount from 30 to 500 rubles a day.

SMS with the word DOBRO to a short number 5050. The message will cost 20 rubles. Number of SMS is not limited.

Bank transfer: "Garant-Bank" or any branch of "SberBank" of RA.

Other options to help you can find out by phone. Fund: 773 50 50 or online at:

Department for Media Relations and External Relations of the CCF "Ashana" reported

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