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Tsimtsba: 437 million rubles more than in the previous year received the budgets of different levels

12.02.2016 17:27
Tsimtsba: 437 million rubles more than in the previous year received the budgets of different levels
Meeting of the board of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in which were summed up the results of the tax authorities for 2015.

Sukhum. February 12. Apsnypress.  Minister Rauf Tsimtsba spoke with the opening remarks on the results of the activities of the MTD.
 According to him, the last year for the tax authorities was not easy.
 Considerable preparatory work before the start of the summer holiday season by taking taxpayers' to tax registration has been carried out.
 Budget task in 2015 was  2,233,600,000 mil rub. Actual revenues - 2,371,700,000 rubles. Over the plan received 139.0 million rubles.
 In comparison to last year it was received to 437.0 million rub more to the budgets of different levels. "This is a good result", - noted the Minister.
 According to Tsimtsba, the budgetary task mastered all areas except Tkuarchal. The dynamics of growth is observed in all regions, except Sukhum.

 The Minister called one of the main problems of the fiscal year - a shortage.
 "During the year we were able to pay off some debt, but, unfortunately, on January 1, 2016, they again rose to 220.0 million rub.
 Again, we observe that the greatest debt for tax on land - 79.0 million rubles ", - Minister said.
Deputy Minister Alexander Gulia spoke with a report on income of tax payments to the budget of the Republic of Abkhazia for 2015.
 He informed the participants that by the results of work for 2015 the total amount of taxes and other obligatory payments received to the state budget amounted to - 2 375 641.3 thousand rubles, the plan -.. 2 233 067.5 thousand rubles.. (Implementation of 106% in total over-fulfillment of terms was - 142 573.8 thousand rubles.), The dynamics of growth - 123%. Targets for 2015 performed in the following regions of the country: Sukhum - 103%, Gagra - 101%, Gudauta - 119%, Sukhum - 102%, Gulrypsh - 114%, Ochamchira - 183% and Gal district - 123%. Unable to cope with routine tasks is Tkuarchal district - 91%.
 Head of the Legal Entities Taxation Department Merab Logua reported that for 2015 composed on the tax account 5711 economic entities, of which are reporting 2073, incl : zero - 752 jur. persons operating and providing accountability - a legal entity of 1321. Do not operate and do not represent statements - 3638 jur. persons.
 Head of the Department taxation of individuals Vadim Gabunia reported that the total amount of tax payments received in the budget of the Republic of Abkhazia for 2015 on the activities of individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity of the town and the area was - 324 988.0 thousand rubles.

 "In general, I think that we have coped with the task to implement the budget assignments for 2015", - said Rauf Tsimtsba, summing up the board. Minister set tasks for the current year - a holding account, gain control work, qualitative carrying out of documentary tax audits, compulsory registration of shortcomings of previous years and the most important thing - the basic approach of the inspector on all the above.

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