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UNDP delivers second batch of medical supplies

01.04.2020 14:31
UNDP delivers second batch of medical supplies
The humanitarian aid contains protective equipment and supplies.

Sukhum. April 1. Apsnypress. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has delivered a second batch of essentials.
 The second batch of UNDP humanitarian aid contained 12,000 surgical face masks, as well as 1,780 liters of disinfectants used in a hospital setting. In addition, 35 liters of hand sanitizer was provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
 At the same time, the head of UNDP, Ms. Louise Winton, emphasized: “In order to expand local efforts to prevent a wider outbreak of the pandemic, the supply of medical products and the exchange of experience must be accelerated rapidly.”  

 Also, with the support of UNDP, an awareness-raising campaign has been launched in Abkhazia aimed at raising awareness among the general public about the risks of a pandemic and about appropriate preventive measures.  

 UNDP has published over 14,000 brochures, which are currently distributed by UN agencies, as well as international and local NGOs based in Abkhazia. Information materials are distributed in all areas, including remote villages, brochures are distributed to pharmacies. Abkhazian medical workers have gained access to WHO protocols that are important for combating the pandemic outbreak, to view brochures and videos.

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