Vladimir Putin: Abkhazia is an important partner and ally of Russia

08.08.2017 20:47
Vladimir Putin: Abkhazia is an important partner and ally of Russia
The working meeting between the presidents of Abkhazia and Russia, Raul Khajimba and Vladimir Putin is concluded.

Sukhum. August 8. Apsnypress. Elena Poluyan / Lana Tsvizhba. Following the meeting, the heads of state made a joint statement.
 Vladimir Putin informed about the working visit.

  The President of Russia stressed that today's negotiations with President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba took place in a positive manner.
"9 years ago, after the dramatic events, Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Since then, much work has been done and significant results have been achieved in strengthening the statehood of the republics. Abkhazia is an important partner and ally of Russia, with whom we share a common history and spiritual kinship. Russia will further promote the socio-economic development of Abkhazia and reliably ensure its security, provide worldwide political support.
  The Abkhaz leadership is taking consistent decisions aimed at strengthening the international legal status of the republic. I want to note that within the framework of the partnership dialogue, cooperation between ministries and departments, parliaments and civil society institutions is developing successfully. Interregional, humanitarian ties are gaining strength.

  At today's meeting, special attention was paid to the formation of Abkhazia as a modern state, with self-sufficient economy. The Investment Program is also aimed at creating conditions for long-term sustainable growth. The volume of its financing for 2017-2019 is about 6 billion rubles. Russia has traditionally been the main economic partner of the republic. In January-March our commodity turnover increased by 6.5%. As it is known, most of the Abkhazian exports to Russia are food, mainly fruits and vegetables. Given the restrictions imposed by us in 2014 on the import of agricultural products from a number of countries, there are very good opportunities in the Republic of Abkhazia to further increase the supply of these products to the Russian market.

  We agreed to strengthen direct business ties at the regular Russian-Abkhaz economic forum. The next 8th forum will be held at the end of this year in Sukhum. Let me remind you that with the support of Russian banks,there is implemented a number of projects in the sphere of tourism, agriculture, food industry for a total of about one billion rubles. We expect that all this will contribute to increasing tax revenues to the budget of Abkhazia, increasing employment, the level and quality of life of the population.

  President raised the issue of changing the order of customs clearance, inspections of the sanitary services of exported goods. We have certain ideas on this matter and I think, in the near future we will implement them.

  Raul Jumkovich and I discussed further development of the legal framework for bilateral relations. More than 100 documents have been signed between our countries, instructions have been issued to speed up work on a number of agreements with a view to practical implementation of provisions of the Treaty on Alliance and Strategic Partnership. We focus on the preparation of a roadmap for step-by-step deepening of cooperation in the field of defense, security, border protection, as well as in the social, economic and humanitarian spheres. In particular, there is an agreement on establishment of the ICC of the internal affairs bodies of Russia and Abkhazia in order to enhance the effectiveness of joint efforts to counter crime to came into effect in the near future. This is very important to ensure a relaxing stay for Russian tourists coming to Abkhazia.
 A signed agreement providing the extension of the Russian medical insurance system to Russian citizens residing in Abkhazia, rendering medical assistance to them in medical institutions in Russia will be of great social importance,.
  Cultural and humanitarian ties are also developing. In August 2016, large-scale Days of Russia in Abkhazia were successfully held, this year the events of the cultural season "Russia-Abkhazia-2017" are being realized. During the talks, we agreed to coordinate the steps to counteract the challenges and threats to the security of the Caucasus even more closely.

  A joint Russian military base in the territory of Abkhazia continues to play a key role in ensuring stability in the region, " - the Russian President said.
 In conclusion, Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the implementation of the agreements reached during the working visit will make a tangible contribution to the further strengthening of Abkhaz-Russian relations.

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