Vladislav Surkov: the investment program for 2016 is unprecedentedly expensive

29.12.2015 16:55
Vladislav Surkov: the investment program for 2016 is unprecedentedly expensive
RA President Raul Khadjimba and presidential aide Vladislav Surkov commented on the results of the meeting.

 Sukhum. December 29. Apsnypress. Elena Poluyan. Commenting on the bilateral meeting, RA President Raul Khadjimba noted the main areas of cooperation with Russia, "These are the questions of realization of the investment program, as well as current financing and pensions. We have once again received the support of Russia".
 Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov began from the most significant: "Just now the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed the ratification of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Abkhazia to increase the pension for the Abkhazian population. And next year, Russia will provide this funding".
 In addition, as Surkov emphasized, at a meeting with Khadjimba were discussed the implementation of the investment program for 2016: "It is unprecedented expensive. 4.7 billion rubles allocated. Abkhazia has not been received such investment budget from Russia". The presidential aide stressed the difficult financial situation in Russia: "The budget has undergone revision. There were literally cut all expenditure, other than expenditure on cooperation with the Republic of Abkhazia". At the same time, responding to a question of Apsnypress, how realistic it is to expect in 2016 the full flow of Russian financial aid, Surkov said: "It is absolutely real! All our social obligations - execute, it's all there in the Russian budget. With regard to the investment program, it is a large amount and not on all objects prepared estimates. Therefore, there may be some progress. But there is reason for optimism - if we do not have time, we will move it to the next year".
 On a bilateral meeting was addressed the issue of relations with Turkey. "There are no official relations between Abkhazia and Turkey, and, nevertheless, we are trying to solve some of the economic and even political issues. Certain circles include Abkhazia for some reason, the scope of its possible impact", - said Surkov. And he said: "There is a long-standing relationship with the Diaspora. We can not forget about it! Furthermore, there are no goals to worsen the economic situation of Abkhazia. Therefore, after weighing all the aspects, since Russia is also not indiscriminately imposes sanctions, makes it selectively, we analyze the situation today. I can say that Turkish contractors are unlikely to build here the objects by Russian money. It is obvious! All the rest - fishing, access to natural resources and so forth - individually crafted and we probably then inform the Government of the Republic of Abkhazia, as in the framework of allied relations, we have agreed to coordinate policy in this regard".
At the same time Khadjimba said: "Nothing can spoil the general background which develops in relations between Russia and Abkhazia. But the relations between Turkey and Abkhazia - it is a problem between the two states. But we have the relevant documents, which regulate these issues. The signed Agreement also imposes certain obligations on us".

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