Walter Butba: We have no moral or legal right to tighten the sanctions without providing an opportunity for treatment

26.06.2015 10:04
Walter Butba: We have no moral or legal right to tighten the sanctions without providing an opportunity for treatment
In 1987 the UN General Assembly decided to annually observe International Day against Drug abuse and illicit trafficking on 26 June.

Sukhum. June 26. Apsnypress. The fight against drug trafficking - one of the priorities in the work of the Ministry of Interior. It puts a lot of effort to solve this problem, but as noted First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Walter Butba, to achieve the most effective results in the fight against drugs must be qualitative cooperation of Internal Affairs, the legislative branch, the Ministry of Health and Society. 

"Our country will not succeed, if we do not make serious steps to address this problem which hinders the development of society and, in addition, directly affects the demographics ", - said Butba. 

The problem of importation of drugs into Abkhazia and distribution deals with the Office for Drug Control of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Abkhazia. Employees of the Office identify ways, methods and ways of delivery and distribution of narcotic substances in Abkhazia and engaged in their suppression. At the same time, Deputy Minister noted that our current legislation was very liberal in terms of suppression of drug trafficking activities, which greatly complicates the task facing by employees. 

A large number of drugs and psychotropic substances are importing into Abkhazia from the Russian Federation. Only in the last 30 days UKON staff in the country seized about 12 grams of synthetic narcotic substance - methadone. In addition, we have cultivated a large number of banned cultivation of plants containing narcotic substances, poppy and hemp. According Butba recently a significant part of the republic's residents got involved in the cultivation of illicit crops. UKON staff struggle to identify the large number of seedlings. Since early May, it has already destroyed more than 7000 kinds of plant roots "Mack hypnotic".  

At the same time Walter Butba noted that we need to understand - addiction is a disease. And to solve this problem it is necessary to provide medical care for injecting drug users and using administrative levers. 

"We are taking all possible steps, we have a lot of ideas, including the establishment of specialized hospitals. We want to toughen the sanctions, but at the same time allow people to be treated. We have no moral or legal right to tighten the sanctions, without providing an opportunity for treatment",- shared his plans Butba. 

To determine the number of drug addicts in the country today is impossible, but there are 951 registered people in the Republican narcological clinic. Basically they are men aged from 23 to 55 years. 

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia, from an overdose of narcotics each year in Abkhazia die more than 40 people.

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