"We would reach even greater heights with Amiran" – Sofa Agumaa

10.02.2015 10:18
80 years since the birth of the People's Artist of Abkhazia Amiran Taniya.

Amiran Taniya - the owner of a rare talent artistic individuality. As an outstanding film and theater actor, he stood on the stage of the courageous, confident manner, the breadth and strength of movements. Being a great connoisseur of Abkhaz musical and choreographic folklore, he made an enormous contribution to the development of professional Abkhaz theater.

As an actor, the audience knew him for the films "White hood", "Souvenir", "Winter Evening in Gagra" and others.

"The lack of Amiran significant not only in the theater, but also in all the cultural life of our country. There was no such role that he could not play: the role of the young, elderly, tragic or comic role - everything was given to him with success and ease. We would reach even greater heights with Amiran", - said his colleague and close friend the People's Artist of Abkhazia Sofa Agumaa.

The last years of his life Taniya devoted to teaching of acting in the Abkhazian State University.

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