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Thursday, 30 September 2021 07:35 150

Sukhum. September 21, 2021. Apsnypress. The energy industry of Abkhazia was state-owned and remains so, said President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania at a press conference in Sukhum.

“The energy industry is state-owned today and remains so. The investment proposals that have come to us do not provide the transfer of energy facilities to anyone else. We are talking about the willingness to invest on a long-term lease. This is 25 years taking into account the volume of anticipated investments and difficulties. The tenants ask for more, but we insist on this deadline. We intend to act within the framework of existing laws, including the Energy Law. Nobody is going to break them. And if tomorrow life will show us the need to make some adjustments to this law, then it will already be a matter for the Parliament. It will be necessary to discuss this topic there, ” Bzhania said.

At the same time, the head of state noted that a large amount of money is needed to solve problems in the energy sector in the country.

According to president, about 10 billion rubles will be needed to restore three differential hydroelectric power plants in Gal district.

Aslan Bzhania noted that about five billion rubles will be allocated for the development of the Abkhaz energy sector at the first stage within the agreement with Russia.

Referring to the topic of raising electricity tariffs, President said that this will happen in stages, over five years. The rates will be economically feasible. There will be several of them for different categories of electricity consumers.

Another serious problem is debts for consumed electricity, which have been accumulating over the years.

“One billion 800 million rubles is the debt of consumers for electricity over the past 24 years, despite the fact that the tariff costs 40 kopecks. We have villages that do not pay at all, or pay only 10-15% for the consumed electricity “, - president said.

According to Bzhania, people do not pay for various reasons, including the lack of metering devices for consumed electricity. “Absolutely everyone should be equipped with devices, this will make it possible to more accurately determine how much was consumed, and then people will agree to pay,” president believes.

In order for the Abkhaz power industry to work in a trouble-free mode, about 20 billion rubles must be invested in it. Energy, like any other area, requires investment, then it will function properly, the head of state believes.

Now power engineers are busy patching holes.

“You know that repairs are underway on the Achguara line. It dragged on for a bit. We failed to do a lot within the agreed time frame, but the line will be repaired," president promised.