It is proposed to develop a strategy for development of tourism industry in Abkhazia

14.05.2019 14:56
It is proposed to develop a strategy for development of tourism industry in Abkhazia
The Public Chamber of Abkhazia discussed the readiness for the holiday season.

Sukhum. May 14. Apsnypress. A meeting devoted to the holiday season was held at the Public Chamber of the Republic of Abkhazia. The event was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and tourism business.
 Adamur Mukba, head of the department of analysis and forecasting of development of resort and tourism industry of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, reported on the readiness for holiday season: “The holiday season started well. Hoteliers already state more earlier and there are tight reservations at tourist accommodation sites. Sightseeing facilities also began the season with good performance. If in the first 10 days of May 2018, 4 285 people visited the New Athos cave, in 2019 it was 7 902 people. In 2018, the Ritsa Relic National Park was visited by about 9,000 people, and in the same period of 2019, by 16,500 people. In order for such statistics to continue and increase, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of tourist services provided. Taking this opportunity, I want to urge the population of the country, who every year with high hopes expects the holiday season, to treat foreign tourists as dear guests, giving them due respect and quality service. In the near future, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism plans to hold a meeting with subordinate organizations that are directly and indirectly connected with the preparation and conduct of the holiday season. Many preparatory activities have already begun, in particular, in the resort towns, beach areas have been cleaned, tourist industry and catering facilities are inspected for compliance with the required standards. "
 Member of the RA Public Chamber Nizam Hapat stressed the importance of coordinated actions of all departments: “For three years we have sent letters to the Government and the Ministry on resorts and tourism with a proposal to establish a coordination council, which would include representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Chernomorenergo, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, the State Committee on Ecology and Conservation of Nature, Gosstandart, media and tourism business. However, no reaction to our proposal followed. The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism alone will not be able to solve the whole range of issues related to the tourism industry. "
 The meeting participants concluded that it is necessary to develop a strategy for development of the tourism industry in Abkhazia.
 Thus, president of the Abkhaz Union of Tourism, Anna Kalyagina, emphasized: “The development of the tourism industry in Abkhazia is spontaneous. It is necessary to develop a state program for the development of this industry. And not just to develop, but to explain it to all participants of the tourism industry. Private and public organizations involved in tourism should act according to a single plan. "
 President of the Guild of Hoteliers of Abkhazia, Astamyr Akhba, said: “We often demand the introduction of punitive measures against entrepreneurs who violate state standards, but at the same time, we practically do not encourage the tourism business. If an entrepreneur wishes to contribute to the tourism industry, then such aspirations should be encouraged. It is first necessary to create favourable conditions for entrepreneur then demanding the compliance with high standards of service. "

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