Medical examination is scheduled in the country

05.08.2015 11:42
Medical examination is scheduled in the country
The Cabinet of Ministers is about to discuss issues of general clinical examination of the population of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. August 5. Apsnypress. Health Minister Andzor Goov invites to discuss the planned medical examination chief physicians of district hospitals, health departments and specialists. Clinical examination, according to the Ministry of Health is planned to identify the early stages of chronic infectious diseases, as well as the correction of the major risk factors for their development. 

Events should be held in two stages. On the first - planned medical examination - screening, the identification of signs of chronic diseases, their risk factors, and medical conditions for additional inspections by specialists. On the second - refined diagnoses and provide more preventive counseling. 

Clinical examination, as noted by the Ministry of Health, held 1 time in 3 years in some age periods of the patients. 

Now the necessary examinations will be held in six months or a year. According to their results for every citizen of Abkhazia will be issued "health passport", and the Ministry of Health created the corresponding electronic database. 

Clinical examination is free. Last medical examination in Abkhazia was organized in 2012, then it was examined 30 thousand people.

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