The tourism sector is the engine of the country's economy - Khadjimba

13.03.2015 18:24
 The tourism sector is the engine of the country's economy - Khadjimba
The President Raul Khadjimba held a meeting on the development of the tourism industry in general and to enhance its effectiveness in the coming holiday season.

Sukhum. March 13th. Apsnypress. "The tourism sector is the engine that moves the economy. And today it is necessary to consider issues of the successful promotion of this locomotive forward",- said Khadjimba. 

According to him, the number of tourists visiting the country increased, but neither local authorities nor the relevant departments are not ready. Last year the number of tourists rested in Abkhazia reached 3 million. "This was not even in the days of the Soviet Union. I think this year the number of tourists will not decrease",- said the President. 

As the head of the Presidential Administration of RA economy Adgur Ardzinba, "a pressing need to develop a national program for the integrated development of tourism in Abkhazia on the long and short term". At the same time, he said, it is still impossible to determine the exact number of incoming tourists. Those figures, which are published in the official sources are more doubtful. Thus, according to official statistics, in 2014 the country was visited by only 860,000 people. Whereas open data of Rostourism says that Abkhazia is a top four countries in attendance of Russian tourists.

RA President has set specific targets for ministries and gave instructions: "The Minister of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism to analyze foreign trade and identify items on which the country will be able to replace imports, based on the volume of agricultural products grown on farms of Abkhazia. And to submit proposals, including the removal of barriers to the access of domestic agricultural markets, accommodation facilities and the supply of tourists. 

Minister of Energy, Transport and Communications to analyze the transport support citizens to submit proposals to improve the quality of transport services, eliminating unauthorized private carting, systematic violations of established schedules and routes, unreasonable pricing of transport services. 

Minister of Health to submit proposals to improve the quality of care of citizens, taking into account the potential growth of applications in the summer. As well as measures to strengthen the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and other places catering and sales of souvenirs.

Interior Minister make a list of areas of greatest concentration of tourists and proposals to strengthen controls. 

Ministry of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage to provide a list of activities planned in the framework of the tourist season - Khadjimba said that tourist facilities can hear and see everything except the national programs in the Abkhazian language. 

The National Bank to submit proposals to ensure conditions of cashless payment and booking of tourist products in Abkhazia, including the installation and terminal equipment in objects bed and breakfast accommodations. 

The Chairman of the State Tax Service in conjunction with the heads of district administrations and the Ministry of resorts and tourism in the month to carry out a full inventory of the tourist accommodation, including in the private sector. 

Minister of Economy and the Ministry of resorts and tourism in the period before October 1st of this year to analyze the situation related to the verification of objects, bed and breakfast accommodations in the tourist season for the feasibility and effectiveness of their activities. And also provide a comprehensive analysis of the tourism market of Abkhazia, including the questions: accurate statistical records incoming tourists, including traveling to the private sector and visiting tourist sites; identify the target group, ie determine the average tourist of Abkhazia based on age, economic status, regional origin and motivation; identifying the main competitive advantages of the country in the field of tourism, its competitors and constraints of the tourism industry of Abkhazia. 

Prior to March 1st, 2016 to develop and present a tourism development program in Abkhazia during 2016-2025, including the development of tourist and recreational complex of the country, including, and by diversifying the tourism product, improving the quality of tourism services and promote the country's tourism product foreign markets and improve the quality of tourism education in the country. 

On the preparation of the program to report on a monthly basis".

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