To start solving the tasks immediately: Kan Kvarchiya made an inspection trip to Sukhum

05.11.2019 12:21
To start solving the tasks immediately: Kan Kvarchiya made an inspection trip to Sukhum
There will be made a number of field meetings devoted to issues of development and urban management by decision of acting Head of the Administration of Sukhum.

Sukhum. November 5. Apsnypress. The acting head of the Administration of Sukhum Kan Kvarchiya at a meeting with heads of business entities discussed the problems of land regulation, urban improvement, sanitary and aesthetic condition of the capital.
 At the same time, Kan Kvarchiya emphasized: “We need to differentiate the responsibilities of each department by zone. Only in this way we will achieve efficiency in work. It is necessary to travel around the city, to identify on-site problems in garbage collection, on landscaping, water supply and road conditions. And to solve the tasks set immediately. ”
 In addition, Kvarchiya made a working trip around the city. The inspection began from Kelasursky bridge. The head of the capital drew attention to a number of abandoned buildings along the road, which are on the balance sheet of the Railway Administration, and noted that this state of affairs should be discussed with leaders of the business entity. “Every building in the city should have a roof, windows and lighting,” he said. Kvarchiya ordered to clear the territory, in particular, around the Kelasursky station and organize lighting, the communal services and Green Economy units were instructed to bring the plantings into proper form by the end of the year.
 Further, Kan Kvarchiya examined the territory of the Sinop area. The mayor ordered to clean up the beach: “Sinop beach cannot be turned into a parking lot for heavy vehicles”. Kan Kvarchiya said that he would review lease relations with business entities that could not cope with their obligations to maintain the facilities.
 The head of Administration also inspected two bridges in the eastern part of the city - Red and White. He noted that it is necessary to install lighting, clear the thickets, remove artificial road obstacles that do not comply with GOST rules, and establish road signs. These and other measures will gradually contribute to solving the problem of traffic accidents, says Kvarchiya. According to him, in the coming days restoration work will begin on stops on the Red Bridge, which will be financed by the City Administration.
 As part of a working trip Head of the Administration of Sukhum paid special attention to the issues of illegal, chaotic development of city sidewalks, condition of billboards, structures of remote trade. Kan Kvarchiya emphasized that all objects that do not comply with the rules of urban planning will be demolished, and they will take a certain place for remote trade and small business.
According to results of the trip, Kan Kvarchiya noted that inspections of the sanitary and aesthetic condition of the urban should continue. In addition, a series of retreats will be devoted to issues of urban development and management.

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